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Differences of Sex Development Clinic

Children who are born with genitals, organs, and sex chromosomes that do not fit into typical male or female categories have a condition called differences of sex development (DSD). This is a complex diagnosis, and one that is different for each child. This diagnosis can mean different things to each family, too. Some children have medical concerns that may need treatment, and other children need space to understand their own bodies. At CHNOLA, we believe that every child and family should get the support they need to thrive. We built our DSD Clinic to serve you and your child while you learn about your child’s condition. Our goal is to make sure that you and your child have as much information as you need, in a comfortable and supportive environment.

Endocrinology/Hormone Specialists

Our expert pediatric endocrinologists specialize in helping you and your child understand how your child’s body produces hormones, and what this means for your child’s growth and development. If monitoring or medications are recommended, they will discuss these options with you so that you can make the best decisions about your child’s care.


Our pediatric genetics team is available to help you and your child get the most out of a genetic evaluation, so that you can understand your child’s diagnosis. If needed, a genetic evaluation may also give you helpful information about adding new siblings to your family.

Child Psychology

Our child psychology team provides expertise to help you and your child understand what a DSD diagnosis means to you and your family. We are available to support your child and your family as your child grows up and learns more about body image and gender identity.


Our pediatric urologists are dedicated to providing information about surgical options for your child. We are here to provide information and support in conjunction with the entire clinical team, whenever the time is right for you and your child.

Our Team:

Jennifer Reifsnyder, MD
Medical Director, Differences of Sex Development

Joseph Ortenberg, MD

Dania Felipe, MD

Regina Zambrano, MD

Hannah Meddaugh, MGCS, LCGC
Certified Genetic Counselor
Genetic Counseling

Amy Henke, PsyD
Child Psychology

Renee Lemoine, RN
Nurse Navigator

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