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Hospitalist Services

Children’s Hospital New Orleans Hospitalists

​​The Hospitalist Division at Children’s Hospital provides inpatient care for patients presenting with a wide range of general pediatric conditions. The team currently manages care for greater than 90 percent of general pediatric admissions to the hospital. The family-centered, multi-disciplinary approach and sole dedication to inpatient pediatrics enables the team to provide the highest quality of care to all hospitalized patients, with the ultimate goal of effectively transitioning their care back to their primary care providers once they are ready for discharge.

While most of the inpatients have relatively common general pediatric conditions, the hospitalists also specialize in the care of medically complex patients with multiple subspecialty needs. By offering a unified team approach to patient care, the hospitalists provide education and support to parents while the child is recovering from his/her illness.

Hospitalist responsibilities

Most patients come to the hospitalist service either through the hospital’s Emergency Department, as transfers from regional emergency rooms and hospitals, or as step-downs from the hospital’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The team additionally accepts direct admissions from primary care providers in the community through the Transfer Center (504.896.6673), provided they are stable enough to warrant such an admission.

The team also provides consultative services to the surgical teams when their patients have general medical issues that need to be addressed. During a child’s hospital stay, the primary care physician is kept informed of the patient’s progress to ensure continuity of care. Upon discharge from Children’s Hospital, patients are referred back to these providers for follow-up care.

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