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Infectious Disease

Inpatient and Outpatient Services

The Infectious Diseases Department provides inpatient and outpatient evaluations of children with any type of suspected or proven infectious disease. Consultation is provided on diagnostic evaluation, treatment alternatives and advice for prophylaxis. Depending on the case, most treatment is coordinated with the primary care provider.

Some conditions commonly treated:

  • General infectious diseases: Chronic or recurrent infections, antibiotic-resistant infections, fever of unknown origin, tuberculosis, infectious diseases exposures;
  • HIV: evaluation and management includes children and their families;
  • Viral hepatitis: acute and chronic hepatitis B and C for pediatric patients;

Other services available:

  • Travel Clinic: consultation for children and young adults traveling internationally needing prevention (vaccine, medications) or evaluation for potential travel-related illnesses;
  • Clinic for Internationally Adopted Children: Advice is provided to parents traveling abroad for adoption, including the review of the child’s medical documents. Comprehensive evaluation of the adopted child is provided upon arrival to the United States. Emphasis is given to evaluation of potential infections acquired before adoption and need for immunizations. A comprehensive plan is then coordinated with the primary care provider.
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