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Intestinal Rehabilitation Clinic

The Intestinal Rehabilitation Clinic at Children's Hospital New Orleans

The Children’s Hospital New Orleans Intestinal Rehabilitation Clinic provides a collaborative approach for infants, children, adolescents, and young adults with intestinal failure. Though rare, intestinal failure occurs when the small intestine is not able to properly digest food and absorb nutrients and fluids to meet the body’s needs. This condition is often the result of other gastrointestinal complications. When intestinal failure occurs, intestinal rehabilitation can be used to restore the intestine’s ability to effectively digest food and absorb nutrients.

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The Intestinal Rehabilitation Clinic multidisciplinary team includes providers from the pediatric surgery and gastroenterology departments as well as nutritionists who work collaboratively to perform a comprehensive evaluation. The child may require additional testing including laboratory blood tests, imaging, and other diagnostic procedures. The team will decide what type of intestinal rehabilitation is needed such as diet modifications, medications, and surgical procedures and will create a personalized treatment plan to support these patients and their families. Some children with intestinal failure may require total parenteral nutrition (TPN) which is total nutrition given intravenously. The team will monitor the patient’s weight and overall nutritional status and will work to carefully wean the child off the TPN, if and when, it is appropriate.

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The Intestinal Rehabilitation Clinic takes place at the main campus at Children’s Hospital on the 4th Tuesday of each month. Referring providers should contact the Pediatric Surgery Department for more information or to schedule a patient.

Pediatric Surgery Department
Phone: 504.896.9756

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