The Pelican Krewe

Children’s Hospital New Orleans Pediatric palliative care

The Pelican Krewe is our pediatric palliative care team at children’s hospital. We specialize in family-centered care of the body, mind and spirit of children with complex medical conditions.Physicians talking to a female patient with a cap

The Pelican Krewe helps your child and family gain the strength to carry on with daily life – affirming, guiding, and supporting them while making the best possible decisions for their family.

Our team of professionals focus on integrating active care of the child and family.

Our palliative care team includes:

  • Physical Care – We provide an additional layer of medical support to the expert doctors and nurses caring for your child through the management of symptoms such as pain and providing other comfort measures.
  • Psychosocial – Child Life Specialists and Social Workers assist in coping with the many needs and emotions that children and families are faced with during difficult times. We help to bridge care with the behavorial health team as needed.
  • Practical Concerns – Our team provides assistance with financial, community resources and coordination of care while in the hospital and at home.
  • Advanced Care Planning – Pelican Krewe staff provides support in making difficult medical decisions throughout your child’s treatment journey.
  • Spiritual Care – Together with our chaplain, we assess and address the unique needs of your family and provide spiritual support accordingly.

Our chapel is located on the 1st floor by the main entrance and offers a serene place for quiet reflection.

Coordination of care

The Pelican Krewe at Children’s Hospital is a multi-disciplinary care team that facilitates coordination of care for families dealing with complex medical conditions. The Pelican Krewe explains ways to care for your child under your own unique circumstances.

The team supports and guides the family in decision making, consistent with their values, traditions and culture.

Ideally, palliative care should begin as early as possible. Early involvement benefits both the child and the family by relieving the symptoms, pain, and emotional wear-and-tear that can make facing a serious illness so difficult for the whole family.

Palliative care is essential in providing your child and family with the most complete medical care.

Direction & understanding

The Pelican Krewe supports your child and family by helping you to understand all of the treatment goals and options during your child’s journey.

Working together with your primary medical team, the Pelican Krewe provides an extra layer of support through:

  • Guidance with difficult and complex treatment choices
  • Close communication and emotional support for you and your child
  • Support groups and resources for your child and family
  • Hospital and community resources and referrals