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Keep safe from the sun: UV Safety from a pediatric dermatologist

Keep safe from the sun: UV Safety from a pediatric dermatologist

July is UV Safety Month, and Children’s Hospital has all the tips and tricks to keep kids safe from the sun’s harsh rays. We asked Pediatric Dermatologist Dr. India Hill some questions to get her expertise on go-to summer sun protection and remedies to keep kids' skin baby smooth.

Q: What is your favorite brand of sunscreen to recommend to kids?

  • I recommend physical / mineral sunscreens that are broad-spectrum and contain zinc oxide.

Q: What amount of SPF do you recommend kids wear while they are in the sun?

  • SPF should be 30 or higher. The higher numbers offer superior protection but not longer duration. Sunscreen should be applied 15 minutes before exposure and reapplied every 90 minutes.

Q: What clothes do you recommend kids wear to protect against too much sun exposure?

  • Sun protective clothing, including rash guards (long sleeve swim shirts), hats, and sunglasses, offer greater protection and are recommended.

Q: How long do you recommend kids stay in the sun before taking a break?

  • Minimize direct sun exposure by seeking shade and avoiding peak hours between 11 am and 2 pm.

Q: What key tips would you give parents to help with sunburns?

  •  Mild sunburns can be treated with frequent emollient use and sun avoidance until healed.

Q: Do any other skin safety tips to protect them from sun exposure?

  • Severe sunburns may require pain control and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication (ibuprofen).

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