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Tips for Toy Shopping

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Tips for Toy Shopping

Picking out toys may seem like just a click of a button or a quick trip to the store, but there is much more to consider when buying toys for your little ones. The Parenting Center at Children’s Hospital New Orleans is here to give you tips for toy shopping this holiday season!

When selecting toys, parents should first consider whether the toy is developmentally appropriate. Toys that are too challenging are likely to leave the child frustrated, yet some of the easier toys might seem boring. Safety and durability are also important considerations. Does the toy have small pieces that could get lost and/or be hazardous? Will the child need close adult supervision while using this toy or is it something they can use independently? Finally, space and affordability may need to be considered. Do you have enough space for this toy, and does it fit into your budget?

For parents of young children, variety is also an important consideration. Children use toys to learn about the world around them. When young children are exposed to a variety of toys, this enhances their imagination and creativity. Some toys, such as puzzles, blocks, balls, and riding toys, are designed to enhance both small and large motor skills. Other toys, such as musical instruments, play doh, or paint, encourage creative and sensory exploration. Books, of course, can be used to strengthen a child’s language skills.

Adults and children are constantly bombarded with ads marketing the latest and greatest products. This applies to toys as well. Reading the reviews can also be eye-opening. Take a moment before you place your order and consider the following:

  • Is this a need or a want?
  • Is the product worth the hype, or will I have buyer’s remorse?
  • Do we already have a similar product or toy? 

Open-ended toys are always a good choice for children. These toys hold more appeal than toys that are tightly scripted or tied to commercial characters. Children tend to get more use out of toys that can be used in a variety of different ways.

If you have questions about toys or need parenting tips this holiday season, you can reach out to The Parenting Center at Children’s Hospital New Orleans by emailing We are here to help.

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