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Children's Hospital New Orleans treats patients diagnosed with MIS-C

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In New Orleans, more children have been diagnosed with Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome, or MIS-C, a rare syndrome related to the coronavirus, according to pediatricians at Children's Hospital of New Orleans. Experts say they have treated five MIS-C patients in January and had no patients with the syndrome in December. Children's Hospital New Orleans is both treating and studying MIS-C. Early symptoms include upset stomach, fever and a rash. The syndrome can affect a child's organs, including their heart, and requires hospitalization. "It looks like what happens is somehow the acute coronavirus infection turns on the immune system of the patients and that takes a while to get revved up," said Dr. Tom Kimball, Director of the Heart Center and Division Chief of Cardiology at Children’s Hospital New Orleans who is specializing in MIS-C. "That's why there's a delay of four to six weeks, this hyper-immune response."