Children’s Hospital New Orleans now offers vaccinations for those as young as 16

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Governor John Bel Edwards’ decision to expand the availability of COVID-19 vaccines to people as young as 16 with underlying conditions opens the door for tens of thousands to get protection.

While there are three different vaccines currently available, only the Pfizer shot is FDA approved for younger recipients. Dr. Leron Finger, Chief Quality Officer with Children’s Hospital New Orleans, says it’s one of the safest vaccines to ever be put to market.

“This allows us to get the vaccine into more of our population who need it the most and is another step toward getting back to normalcy,” said Dr. Finger.

Neill Colombari, a college student who was found walking through City Park wearing a mask and rubber gloves, says he’s ready.

“When you get vaccinated you don’t have to worry as much,” Colombari says.

Parents like Priscilla Isaacs welcome the new vaccine availability and the opportunity for her son to start experiencing a more-normal college life.

“He doesn’t have any fun with friends anymore due to quarantine,” said Isaacs.

Another reason many parents welcome their children getting the vaccination is a concern for older relatives who are often in close contact.

“Absolutely, she’s very important as well and we just wanna make sure she stays safe,” said Jasmine Campbell. But she says she does not yet know whether she would get her children vaccinated If and when vaccine availability expands to the very young. “I don’t want to give my kids anything I’m not even sure about for myself.”

Dr. Finger says the state is rounding the corner.