5 reasons to check out The Parenting Center at Children's Hospital

5 reasons to check out The Parenting Center at Children's Hospital

You may have called The Parenting Center with a question about biting or separation or school anxiety. You may have heard about our community classes on challenging behavior, media literacy, and puberty. But did you know that The Parenting Center is also a place to play?

The Parenting Center is a community wellness program of Children’s Hospital New Orleans that serves as a resource center and support center where parents can get their questions answered and share the ups and downs of parenting with staff and other parents.

If you have a child under 4 years old, there are so many reasons to come visit us at one of our play spaces. 

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should check out The Parenting Center

1. It's a fun, child-centered place to play…rain or shine!

The Parenting Center has play spaces for young children and their parents or grandparents designed especially for toddlers and young preschoolers, as well as a baby room for our littlest players. Our Uptown play space is near Children's Hospital hospital on Calhoun Street and open all day during the week and half days on Saturday. Our Metairie play space is open half days during the week. Enjoy your child’s favorite inside activities – trucks, balls, kitchen and dramatic play, trains, or go outside to ride cars, slide, climb, and play in the sand box – just like big kid school!

2. Build brains – without all the mess

Children learn through play. The toys and activities at The Parenting Center are chosen and arranged by people who know early childhood to engage your child at his or her level. In addition to these brain building opportunities, come for Art Time when we pull out the art supplies and engage children in painting, playdough, markers or other creative adventures. Too much mess? Come for Music Time on Monday mornings at the uptown location or join us for Let’s Explore. Check out the full schedule of events at The Parenting Center. 

3. Tips and ideas when you need them most

Have questions about toilet training? Worried about behavior? Wondering how to help your child develop language? Experienced parent educators are on hand to offer tips or provide you with information on effective ways to handle parenting challenges. Want more? Come to an age-specific class on milestones, discipline, communication, and more.

4. Bring a friend or meet one at The Parenting Center 

Many lifelong friendships have started in the playroom and in Snuggles and Struggles, our new parent support group. Being home with a young child can be isolating. The Parenting Center gives parents a place to go where adults can talk and children can explore safely and play with others. 

5. A resource that grows with you

In addition to the play space and on-site support for parents, our parent educators go into the community to provide talks and classes. Parenting is a big job and it never stops changing, just like your child. The more you know about what to expect as your child grows, the more positive and effective you feel in your role. Feeling better as a parent builds confidence and competence, which spills over into family relationships, work life, and personal wellbeing. Parents can join us for a scheduled program, like Happiest Baby on the Block for tips on calming infant crying, or request an Active Parenting series at their child’s middle school.

The Parenting Center has been a community resource for parents for is 37 years! The program has changed over the years to meet the needs of our community and partners but our mission to provide education and support to parents and families remains. The Parenting Center is committed to a warm and welcoming environment for all children and families.

Check it out! Your first visit to The Parenting Center is always FREE. When you decide to join, the regular membership is just $125/year – or ask about need-based fee reductions and waivers. The Parenting Center is for everyone!

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