Customized COVID-19 Support for Your School

Investing in the community with customized support for your school

Our return to school support involves direct collaboration with you. We understand that each school is unique and will work to best support your individual needs. You will have a dedicated support person who can help adapt the program to your school’s needs. In alignment with our charitable mission, Children’s Hospital is here to support you, as little or as much as you need us.
Children’s Hospital will support your institution’s ongoing work toward the reopening of school in the following ways:
  • Education and training for school nurses and other school healthcare professionals on COVID-19 preparedness and best practices (including PPE needs, student/employee temperature check guidance, etc.).
  • Continued education on COVID-19 testing initiatives, workflow algorithms for symptomatic patients & staff, and access to local testing sites.
  • Guidance on state and CDC policy interpretations to support the schools in developing consistent internal protocols applicable to both students and employees.
  • Children’s Hospital will provide an on-demand, accessible communication platform to facilitate dialogue with your school officials to provide guidance on return-to-school issues, including managing children and teachers who may become sick, and how to best protect the rest of the classroom.
  • In collaboration with your school, Children’s Hospital will prepare consistent guidance documents and other messaging that can be shared with internal stakeholders, including the development of shareable print and video resources for students and parents.
  • A designated Children’s Hospital representative and team of medical experts will facilitate Q & A or other townhall style discussions for key stakeholders at the school, including leaders, school nurses, teachers, parents, and students. Answers to inquiries will be summarized into shareable content for all participants.
  • Training and guidance on keeping environments clean for janitorial staff, including best practices for optimal disinfection and infection prevention.

We are available to provide consultative guidance throughout this challenging time, and to serve as a resource to you.
  • To learn more about our School Reopening Support, email us at