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1. Can adults be immunized on the Care Mobile?

The GNOIN serves children birth through 18 years of age.

2. What if my child’s immunization record is not in the Louisiana Immunization Registry (LINKS)?

If your child is new to the state of Louisiana or the country, you must send required documents to CHGNOIN@LCMCHEALTH.ORG before being seen at the Care Mobile. *REQUIRED INFORMATION* Birth Certificate or Passport | Immunization record (If applicable) | Childs first and last name | Childs birth sex | First and last name of legal guardian | Home address | Phone number.

3. How much does it cost?

Vaccinations are provided free to eligible children covered by Medicaid or if the child does NOT have insurance that covers vaccinations.

4. When will the Care Mobile be in my area?

Check the Care Mobile Calendar for a convenient time and location. You may choose any location. You can call our office for shot record information.

5. What do I need to bring?

No specific documents are required at the time of your visit, the child's complete shot record must be in the state database prior to being seen.

6. Can my child receive an immunization if he/she is ill?

Most illnesses, aside from high fever are not a contraindication for immunizations. You may call our office at 504.733.3268 for specific questions regarding illness.

7. Are Vaccines safe?

Serious reactions to vaccines are extremely rare but do occur. However, the risks of serious disease from not vaccinating are far greater than the risks of serious reaction to the vaccination.

8. Is it OK for my child to receive multiple immunizations in one visit?

Studies have shown that the recommended vaccines are as effective in combination as they are individually, and that such combinations cause no greater risk for adverse side effects. Simultaneous injection of vaccines is both safe and effective. Giving several vaccinations at the same time means fewer office visits for vaccinations, which saves parents both time and money and may be less traumatic for the child.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at 504.733.3268 or by emailing