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Care Coordination

ThriveKids Student Wellness Program through Children’s Hospital New Orleans aims to optimize kids’ health while keeping them in school.

Through an innovative partnership with Schools, we are implementing the first comprehensive student wellness initiative across the region that allows for care coordination amongst:

  • Students and families
  • School nurses
  • School Mental Health Professionals

Enroll in the voluntary program today to authorize your child's school and Children’s Hospital New Orleans to share pertinent student health information to assist you in situations like:

  • Medication management between the school nurse and prescribing physician
  • Making an appointment with a medical professional after a screening
  • Families can potentially access continued care during natural disasters and prolonged school shutdowns.
  • Students and families can receive coordinated student health resources
  • School nurses and mental health professionals can facilitate communication between families, health care providers, and school staff to ensure holistic care

Choosing to enroll in this voluntary, free program:

  • Streamlines communication amongst school nurses, social workers, and health care providers.
  • Bridges a communication gap and provides clarity/insight regarding a student’s health, like a test result, asthma attack, surgery, etc.
  • Provides prompt communication of COVID-19 test results to your school nurse, which creates a safer learning environment for all students
  • Helps to improve academics and attendance by allowing school nurses to identify needs and provide appropriate resources

Enroll today!