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School-based Virtual Care

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School-Based Virtual Care brings the skilled services of our experienced pediatricians directly to your child while in school. If your child becomes sick with a common or mild condition, the school will facilitate a virtual care visit on the spot.

Enroll Your Student Today

Children’s Hospital’s school-based virtual care allows students of our partner schools to see a pediatrician or specialist from school through a secure video visit, in coordination with the school nurse or designee.

Our on-demand program saves a trip to the doctor’s office, keeping kids in school and parents at work.

Parents can join via video or phone, and prescriptions can be called in immediately to the pharmacy of choice.

For minor conditions, such as pink eye, rash, wound care, sinus infections or other common concerns, students can see a Children’s Hospital pediatrician through virtual care using secure video equipment set up at the school. Virtual visits are held on demand throughout the school day.

How does it work?

  • Parents can enroll children online, or via enrollment forms provided to the school
  • If a child becomes sick, a school nurse or designee will contact the parent and offer a video visit
  • The school nurse or designee will start a virtual care session with the student, and the parent will be invited to join either by video or by phone.
  • The provider will make a medical determination and call prescriptions if needed.

If your school is not currently a Children’s Hospital school-based virtual care partner, please email us at to discuss how we can facilitate virtual care in your school.

Virtual Care for Kids, anytime!

After school hours, parents can also use virtual care to see a Children’s Hospital pediatrician from home, even at night and on weekends. We’re here to keep kids healthy, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Learn more about 24/7 virtual care services.

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