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Mental & Behavioral Health Services

Mental Illness Impacts 1 in 5 of our Nation’s Youth

Half of all lifetime cases of mental illness begin by age 14 and three-quarters through age 24. 20 percent of these receive treatment, and only a small fraction are treated by a child or adolescent psychiatrist.

School-based psychiatry care presents a unique opportunity to intervene, eliminating significant barriers to access – including transportation. Other benefits include less class time missed, less work time missed for parents and caregivers, and more opportunity for collaboration between school staff and mental health professionals.

School-based psychiatry is currently being piloted in a few select schools and is an important part of the ThriveKids program that Children's Hospital plans to expand in the future.

Mental and behavioral health services span virtual care, in-school screenings, case management, and professional development for school team members.

  • High 5 Partner Schools
    • Services: Universal screening and data analysis, immunizations, student group curriculum, professional development training for teachers, weekly telepsychiatry, virtual care (telehealth) for school nurses, sports medicine team physicals, family health literacy – professional development, and High 5 video and blog content created by Children's Hospital providers
  • School-Based Clinics
    • Psychiatry and counseling services
  • Outpatient Community Psychiatry
    • Weekly telepsychiatry services for enrolled programs

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