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Patient Care & Safety

When an Individual Has Concerns About Patient Care and Safety

Children's Hospital is committed to patient care and safety, and management takes all inquiries seriously. Patients and members of their family are encouraged to contact hospital management any time there are concerns about patient care and safety.

To address your concerns about patient care and safety at Children's Hospital, please contact the administrator on call by dialing:

  • Extension 84444, if you are in the hospital
  • 504.896.9452, if you are calling from an outside phone.

If hospital management is unable to satisfactorily resolve your concerns within a reasonable period of time, you may contact The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO) by calling:

If you have a problem during your stay, Children's Hospital is committed to providing quality healthcare. If you have a complaint or suggestion during your child's stay, please contact the Patient Representative at extension 84444.

If you have concerns about patient care and safety, please call 84444 and ask for the administrator on call.

Presenting a complaint will not affect your child's care.

Ethics Committee

You may reach the Children's Hospital Ethics Committee at 504.896.2900.