Children’s Pediatrics has updated its electronic medical records system. As a result, the bills you receive for services provided on or after April 2018 will have a new appearance. If you have an outstanding payment on services received prior to April 2018, you may continue to receive bill notices in the previous format.

To pay a bill for services rendered after April 7, 2018, please click here to use the LCMC Health Patient Portal.

  • For questions on a bill for services rendered on or after April 2018: please call 225.755.9939.
  • For questions on a bill for services rendered prior to April 2018: please call our Billing team at 225.755.9939, Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm.

Balance Billing Disclosure Act

New Disclosure Requirements Effective August 1, 2017

Effective August 1, 2017, Louisiana Law states that all patients, when registering for services in a hospital or clinic, must be given and sign a new disclosure form – specifically the ACT 306/HB435 Regulatory Advisory. As a patient, you are being asked to review and sign this new disclosure form. This new form advises that you may receive a medical procedure or professional care from a physician or healthcare professional that will not be part of your hospital bill, and there is potential that these services may not be covered by your health insurance provider. As a result, you may be responsible for payment for all or part of these services. You are encouraged to contact your health plan to determine whether these independent physicians or healthcare professionals are covered by your health insurance.

Cost of Care

LCMC Health is committed to helping patients understand and prepare for the cost of their care. LCMC Health provides a list of charges for services provided at our facilities; however, a patient’s out-of-pocket responsibility for these charges will vary, depending on their insurance coverage and benefit plan. We understand that it is confusing for a patient to navigate through the many factors involved in their final cost. Please contact our Financial Assistance staff at 504.962-7000 with any questions about a future service or a bill you have received.

Click Here to Download the List of Charges

The charges displayed only include hospital charges and do not include charges that are billed separately by the physician or other professional fees. Furthermore, the actual amount paid by a patient will depend on that patient’s insurance coverage, as benefit plans vary greatly. Also, please note that the charges are accurate as of the date they are posted, but are subject to change.


• Contact your insurance company to understand all of the factors affecting your financial responsibility.

• Numerous factors, such as type of plan, co-pay, co-insurance, deductible, out-of-pocket maximums, provider network and other limitations, will affect your financial responsibility to a hospital.

• The prices reflected on this site do not include charges for the physician or other professional fees, such as pharmacy, diagnostic imaging or lab work.

• The prices reflected on this site do not include any negotiated discounts between your insurance company and the hospital.


• Medicare has many different parts, and not everyone has the same type of Medicare coverage. Medicare will pay for many of your healthcare expenses but not all of them.

• Special rules apply if you have employer group health insurance coverage through your job or a spouse’s job.

• If you have a supplemental health insurance policy, it may cover some costs that Medicare does not cover.

• The best way to be sure of what your Medicare plan covers is to call 1-800-MEDICARE, or visit the website at


• Contact your local Medicaid office at 1-888-544-7996, or visit the Louisiana Department of Health to determine all the factors affecting your financial responsibility.

• Generally, Medicaid recipients are not responsible for any portion of the bill.


• Please contact our Financial Assistance Department at (504) 962-7000 and ask about our payment policies.

• As required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), hospitals have a written financial assistance policy that includes eligibility criteria, the basis for calculating charges and the method for applying for financial assistance.

• Contact our Financial Assistance Department at (504) 962-7000 to determine if you meet the criteria for financial assistance.