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Feeding & Eating Disorder Clinic

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The Feeding and Eating Disorder Center at Children’s Hospital New Orleans provides the gold-standard for the assessment and treatment of eating disorders while keeping kids where kids belong – at home with their families.

We are the first hospital-located feeding and eating disorder treatment program in Louisiana. This comprehensive program includes a multidisciplinary team of providers including psychologists, dietitians, and physicians. We focus on cutting-edge, evidence-based treatment including family-based treatment for eating disorders and cognitive behavioral therapy for feeding disorders. We provide services to children, adolescents, and young adults who remain in the care of a primary caregiver.

These services are now offered in the outpatient setting. Our licensed dietitian serves as the entry point to our clinic and patients receive an individualized assessment and plan. Families are then referred as needed for psychological and behavioral intervention. We focus on supporting and empowering family as they support their child’s recovery.

How to refer a patient

To refer a patient, please call or send a fax with the patient’s information to the number listed below or enter a referral in Epic for “CHNO Eating Disorder” which is a division of psychology. The family will be contacted and initially scheduled for a dietitian visit to assess basic safety for treatment and appropriateness for additional intervention with psychology and adolescent medicine. While under the care of the team, medical monitoring for safety is provided.

Phone: 504.896.9827
Fax: 504.894.5370


Children’s Hospital Main Campus
200 Henry Clay Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70118

(Virtual services available in Louisiana)

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