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Hematology/Oncology Research & Education

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The members of the hematology/oncology section of the Department of Pediatrics have maintained an interest in research, in the effort to improve care and expand knowledge regarding the various disease processes that are encountered by patients. One main venue for research has been the Children's Oncology Group, in which all members of the Division participate. Collaborations with other LSU Health New Orleans faculty and Research staff are continuously being sought out and conducted. They have included:

  • Stress pathways in tumors control global MDSC activity and survival through chop. (Drs. Paulo Rodriguez and Lolie Yu)
  • Cellular responsiveness, the role of arginine in the production of cellular response to cancer cells and anergy. (Drs. Augusto Ochoa and Arnold Zea)
  • The role of acetylated glycation end-products (AGEs) in the development of short- and long-term complications of sickle cell disease. (Dr. James Hempe)
  • The use of counterimmunoelectropheresis in the diagnosis of hemoglobin variants. (Dr. James Hempe)
  • The role of dendritic cells in improving immune function post HSCT. (Drs. Yu and Yan)
  • Glucocorticord sensitivity in leukemia. (Drs. Wayne, Geng, Yu, Velez, Garner)
  • The role of human- placental derived stem cells (HDPSC) in facilitating engraftment in cord blood transplantation. (Dr. Yu in collaboration Celgene)
  • Single vs. double cord blood transplant for pediatric patients with HR leukemia and MDS. (Dr. Yu in collaboration with BMT-CTN)