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e-Consult a Pediatric Specialist

Information About e-Consult

Who is e-Consult intended for?

Health care providers outside of the local service area for Children's Hospital. e-Consult is not intended to be used by the general public, parents/guardians or families. If you are a parent/guardian or family member and would like your child's condition reviewed, please have your child's primary care doctor or specialist submit the e-Consult form below.

Why e-Consult?

Pediatric specialists at Children's Hospital offer the e-Consult program to:

  • Address the shortage of pediatric specialty health care professionals outside of the New Orleans area
  • Reduce barriers to care caused by distance and limitation on transportation
  • Reduce the likelihood that a patient would otherwise delay or forego care
  • Increase access to educational materials and services
  • Increase opportunity for physicians to collaborate with pediatric specialists that they may not otherwise have access to
  • Help control health care costs while enabling health care professionals to provide quality, up-do-date services to their patients

The e-Consult process:

Step 1: Once an e-Consult form is submitted, the e-Consult Clinical Team will review the request and create an electronic request for an e-Consult with the most appropriate pediatric specialist at Children's Hospital.

Step 2: The pediatric specialist will review the forms and medical records that were submitted by the referring provider.

Step 3: The pediatric specialist or the e-Consult Clinical Navigation Team will respond to the referring provider by either secure email or by a phone call with information on possible advisory opinion, recommended care and next steps.

Most e-Consults are completed in 24-72 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.

If you have further questions please call Liz Milligan at 504.822.9429 or Gretchen Dondis at 504.896.6655 or email