Message from Our President and CEO

John Nickens, IV

I want to thank everyone for the gracious hospitality in welcoming my wife and me in true New Orleans style. We are quickly settling into our new community and have already fallen in love with the city, the culture, the Saints, and the hospital. It has been a pleasure to meet many of you and listen to your inspirational stories about your connection to Children’s Hospital. It doesn’t take long to discover the real treasure New Orleans and of Children’s Hospital — the people!

With great respect for our powerful heritage that provides the foundation for an innovative vision, Children’s Hospital has embarked on the most ambitious project in its 60+ year history. I am pleased to join the hospital at this significant time. We are poised to not only be the regional leader in pediatric healthcare but to change the face of healthcare for ALL children. The Board of Trustees has set the example with a $300 million transformational project demonstrating their belief that the best investment in our future is the wellness of our children. We are strengthened by our past success and excited about the opportunities of the future; yet even more importantly, we are committed to making today great!

People are the culture, and we are investing in our people

Among our important safety initiatives, this year we launched Just Culture, a method of creating an open, fair and questioning culture of learning. During our new Leadership Rounds, leaders interact directly with staff stressing safety techniques and listening to concerns, then empowering every employee to take action in leading with excellence regardless of rank, title or position. We rolled out the “Good Catch” Program rewarding team members for reporting near-miss safety events that allow us to apply lessons learned quickly across the organization.

Patients and their families are our top priority

To help in this effort, we initiated a Patient/Family Advisory Board to aid in continuous improvements for patients and their families. Because of these efforts, we received an award for the most improved facility at the National Research Corporation (NRC) Annual Symposium on Patient-Centered Care. Our patient satisfaction scores have increased exponentially, prompting an invitation to speak at NRC’s Annual Pediatric Collaborative on Nursing Communication with Patient/Family. These efforts are a reflection of the incredible commitment from our medical staff, caregivers and support team. Each and every day these healthcare heroes deliver outstanding care at the highest of standards, wrapped with love to make Children’s Hospital New Orleans a remarkable place for healing to happen.

John R. Nickens, IV
President and CEO
Children's Hospital