Community Health Needs Assessment

The Children's Hospital Board of Trustees established the Community Benefit Plan in March of 1998 to address obstacles to the welfare of the community's children. The mission of the plan is to eliminate barriers to the health and well-being of infants, children and adolescents. Periodically, the board assesses available community programs and determines gaps in service for potential new program development. As a result of these assessments, there are currently more than 14 major Community Benefit programs serving the children of this community, and almost $15 million will be provided in 2013 in board-directed financial support for these vital programs.

In September 2013, Children's Hospital partnered with a national consulting firm to conduct an analysis of the health needs of the greater New Orleans community. The consultants from Tripp Umbach met with various community health stakeholders in the process of developing a detailed list of the most significant needs. Their assessment is provided below:

Health Care Needs Assessment (PDF)

Implementation Plan (PDF)