e-Consult a Pediatric Specialist

Who is e-Consult intended for?

Health care providers outside of the local service area for Children's Hospital. e-Consult is not intended to be used by the general public, parents/guardians or families. If you are a parent/guardian or family member and would like your child's condition reviewed, please have your child's primary care doctor or specialist submit the e-Consult form below.

Why e-Consult?

Pediatric specialists at Children's Hospital offer the e-Consult program to:

  • Address the shortage of pediatric specialty health care professionals outside of the New Orleans area
  • Reduce barriers to care caused by distance and limitation on transportation
  • Reduce the likelihood that a patient would otherwise delay or forego care
  • Increase access to educational materials and services
  • Increase opportunity for physicians to collaborate with pediatric specialists that they may not otherwise have access to
  • Help control health care costs while enabling health care professionals to provide quality, up-do-date services to their patients

The e-Consult process:

Step 1: Once an e-Consult form is submitted, the e-Consult Clinical Team will review the request and create an electronic request for an e-Consult with the most appropriate pediatric specialist at Children's Hospital.

Step 2: The pediatric specialist will review the forms and medical records that were submitted by the referring provider.

Step 3: The pediatric specialist or the e-Consult Clinical Navigation Team will respond to the referring provider by either secure email or by a phone call with information on possible advisory opinion, recommended care and next steps.

Most e-Consults are completed in 24-72 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.

If you have further questions please call Liz Milligan at 504.894.6778 or Gretchen Dondis at 504.895.5655 or email CHNOconcierge@lcmchealth.org.

Submit an e-Consult using the form below:

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E-Consult Disclaimer

The Children's Hospital affiliated pediatric specialty physicians providing this service do not have the same information that is obtained by examining the patient and obtaining a history and physical assessment. Therefore, the physician may not be aware of some facts that would otherwise affect his or her opinion of the diagnosis. By requesting an e-consult, you acknowledge and agree to assume the risk of this limitation.

By requesting an e-Consult through this website, you acknowledge and agree that:

  • The advisory consultation and/or recommendation is limited and provisional;
  • The consultation is not intended to replace a full medical evaluation with a physician;
  • The physician(s) performing the e-Consult does not have the benefit provided by a direct physical examination.

By engaging our services, you acknowledge and agree to solely assume the risk of these limitations, you further understand that no warranty or guarantee has been made concerning any particular advisory consultation, result or cure of the patient's condition.

Use of this service does not oblige the provider to refer to Children's Hospital in New Orleans or any affiliated provider.