Visiting our Hospital and Clinics
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Visiting our hospital and clinics

What your family can expect when visiting our hospital or clinics

Children's Hospital, and our providers, are here for you. We and are continuing to provide safe, expert care for kids in our hospital, emergency department, clinics and through virtual care. As our community continues to adjust to a new normal, we want our patients and families to know what steps Children's Hospital is taking to keep your family safe, and what to expect when visiting our hospital or clinics.

Visitor restrictions

Children's Hospital currently has visitor restrictions in place to protect the safety of our patients, families and team members. This includes two healthy adult visitors per patient. We also continue to limit the number of entrances into our facilities, and have safety screenings in place for all patient care facilities.

Visitor guidelines include:

Inpatient visitors:

  • Inpatients are allowed two healthy adult visitors per 24 hour period, including parents. Masking is required at all times in our facility, including patient rooms.
  • Siblings and other children under 18 are NOT allowed at the hospital.
  • Exceptions will be made for patients in end-of-life care on an individual basis.

Outpatient and clinic visitors:

  • Outpatients are allowed two healthy adults with them during visits.
  • When possible, please leave siblings at home or with another caregiver.

Everyone visiting the hospital or clinics:

  • Anyone who is with a patient must be free from fever, cough and colds, and stomach virus symptoms.
  • If a single parent is with a child for Emergency Department visit and does not pass the screening, the parent will be given a mask and allowed to proceed.

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Immunizations and Well Visits

It's important to keep up with scheduled appointments, including well visits and immunizations to ensure your child stays healthy. Disrupting immunization schedules, even for brief periods, can lead to outbreaks of infections. Along with vaccinations, we're encouraging you to stay on track with your child's well visits to ensure the body and mind stay healthy!

To schedule a new visit, or to reschedule an appointment that was postponed during the stay-at-home order, click here to contact your pediatrician or specialist.