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2 Brothers with Superpowers of Bravery, Resilience & Strength

“ They were also both Children’s Hospital SUPERHEROES and have the “zipper scars” on their chests to prove it. ”

Henry and Christopher

Meet brothers, Henry and Christopher. These two have lots in common. They love video games and their favorite school subject is math. They were also both Children’s Hospital SUPERHEROES and have the “zipper scars” on their chests to prove it.

Henry and Christopher’s superpowers are their bravery, resilience and strength. In their short lives, between them, they have endured multiple open-heart surgeries, therapies and treatments at Children’s Hospital, but they could not have done it alone. These brave brothers needed their sidekicks. Doctors, nurses, and of course, their mom helping them to be strong and prevail.

Mother and sons wearing super hero masksHenry and Christopher’s mom and #1 sidekick, Carolyn, has lots on her plate as the primary caregiver to these two boys who were born with congenital heart defects. Her days and nights are spent managing appointments and the day-to-day activities of not only her two active boys, but also their sister, Jamie. Henry alone has had 900 medical appointments over the course of his young life. Carolyn is grateful to have the support and expertise of the boys’ cardiologist, Dr. Steffan Sernich and the Children’s Hospital medical team, who have become their extended family.

Henry and Christopher represent numerous children treated at Children’s Hospital who need a support team – people like you and me. A dedicated group of sidekicks to support their ongoing medical journey makes it so much more bearable. You can be a part of this awesome force for good. Be a sidekick!

About Dr. Sernich

Dr. Sernich
Dr. Steffan Sernich is a board-certified Pediatric Cardiologist at Children’s Hospital. He received his medical degree from Universidad El Bosque, Escuela Columbiana de Medicinea in Bogota, Columbia, and completed his residency training at Children’s Hospital and University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas. He then completed a fellowship in Pediatric Cardiology at Tulane University School of Medicine & Ochsner Foundation Hospital. Dr. Sernich completed a second fellowship in Pediatric Cardiology Critical Care at Tulane University School of Medicine. He serves as an Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics in Pediatric Cardiology at LSU Health New Orleans. Dr. Sernich is fluent in English and Spanish and sees patients at the Children’s Hospital Main Campus in New Orleans and at Children’s Hospital Northshore Center in Covington.