Frequently Asked Questions - Virtual Care

What is Virtual Care?

Virtual Care is a technology that allows patients to have a doctor’s visit through video rather than seeing them in person at the doctor’s office. It’s very similar to FaceTime.

Who can use this service?

Anyone can utilize our Virtual Care program for minor conditions that may arise. A list of those conditions can be found on our web page here.

If you are regularly seeing a specialist, it will be up to your provider to decide if telehealth is a suitable option for your treatment plan. To see our list of participating specialties, click here.

How do I sign up?

If you were scheduled for a video visit by your provider, a link will be sent to you via email to activate your account. If you did not receive the link, please contact our office.

For access to our Virtual Care program, Sign up or Log in here

*Note: if your child is under 13, parents should create an account for themselves first. Then add all children as dependents. This cannot be done through the app.

You can also download the Virtual Care app on your tablet or phone:

My provider scheduled me for a virtual care visit. What do I do now?

After being scheduled for a virtual care visit, you should receive an email or text message with a link to activate your account. By following that link, you will be prompted to download our mobile app, which will be used to facilitate the video visit. Click the link below to learn about what you should do at the time of your appointment.

For more info, or if you did not receive the invite, visit our Specialty Care page.

How much does it cost?

We bill to Medicaid or your Private Insurance, so the cost of the service is dependent on your individual coverage. Usually, this amount is less than an in person visit.

How do I see old visits?

After you log in, select “Manage Account” and then “Encounter History.”

Are videos recorded?

We do not record videos. There may be instances where the provider may ask for a photo of an affected area in order to get a clearer view. These photos are completely confidential and are uploaded to the secure electronic health record. We will never display, share, or copy these photos.