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Activity ideas for parents by parents (mostly)

We asked you what you’ve been doing at home and here are some of your responses:

How to make playdough at home

Transferring ice from one bowl to another using tongs

Easter egg hunt – could be a hunt for anything, or a hunt for things of a certain color or shape (find five things that are red)

Scavenger hunt – make a list of things to find around the house (a ball, a fork, two socks that are different…)

On an evening walk “look for clues” – could be a scavenger hunt for things on a list or just pointing things out that are different, out of the ordinary

On a walk counting games – how many lizards, red doors, cats/dogs

“Documentary hour” – watching nature documentaries during a time that coincides with online meetings; a win for everyone!

Chore Hour - we split household chores up throughout the week so we can enjoy our time together over the weekend.

For children who are readers, reading picture books for friends with littles who can’t read yet.

25 things/Life Skills - we had our school age children make a list of 25 things they wanted to learn how to do and have been ticking off that list - start a fire, iron, write a letter, mow the grass, use tools. (Our oldest loves anything slightly dangerous!)

Make a family newsletter to report on what’s been going on – full of art, stories, even comics! Don’t forget the pets.

Work in some fun virtual camp classes or other on line experiences that are activity based.

Check back for more ideas soon!