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Children’s Hospital diabetes center services

Our program is dedicated to making the latest innovations in prevention, care and treatment of diabetes available to our patients and their families. We are actively involved in a number of innovative research programs to prevent diabetes and its complications. Among the programs is Trail Net - a national program to identify relatives of our patients at high risk of developing diabetes themselves.

Neonatal diabetes registry program

Skin Intrinsic Fluorescence as a Biomarker for Diabetes Complications - study of a non-invasive technology for early identification of individuals prone to diabetes complications.

Urine Angiotensinogen (AGT) as a Biomarker of Early Kidney Disease in Diabetes – study of a non-invasive way to identify patients prone to kidney damage from diabetes.

Cardiovascular Complications of diabetes – measures 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure and artery thickness in patients with diabetes to detect early kidney and blood vessel changes due to diabetes.

Differences between HbA1c and Directly measured MBG as predictors of diabetes complications.

Influence of Cortisol on Metabolic Impact of Type 2 Diabetes – studies the impact of cortisol and other hormones and their link to diabetes in obese children.