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Children's Hospital New Orleans offers post COVID-19 rehab

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Some children react to the coronavirus in mild ways, but others can be diagnosed with multisystem inflammatory syndrome, or MIS-C.

Although a large majority of kids make a full recovery, a small subset of children battle MIS-C, which can affect several organs and systems in the body.

Dr. Scott Schultz, who specializes in pediatric rehabilitation medicine, explains that kids might suffer both physically and emotionally from MIS-C.

"The patient might not be able to play the sports they typically enjoy, or they might feel anxious because they had COVID-19 and there is a stigma associated with the virus with their peers. Even memory processing and brain fogginess is a symptom we recognize in MIS-C patients. What we want to do is get them back to where they were," explains Dr. Schultz.

The new rehab clinic gives the first and only post COVID-19 rehab in the state, and Dr. Schultz will work alongside psychologists and physical therapists to return children to full health.

“Our goal is to optimize function when they get back into their home, school, and community environments. We want these kids to thrive,” says Dr. Schultz.