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Healthy Halloween tips

Healthy Halloween tips

Children’s Hospital New Orleans and The American Heart Association encourage everyone to have a healthier Halloween this year.

Pediatrician, Dr. Anthony Hudson, has a few unique ways you can help keep your family on the right track when it comes to snack choices this festive season.

First, it’s important to talk to your children about healthy foods.

“It starts in the home,” explains Dr. Hudson. “Before going out to trick-or-treat, remind your kids about social distancing and how important it is to keep a safe 6 feet away from other families this year. Also, talk to them about making healthy food decisions.”

Dr. Hudson suggests making a fun Halloween snack and eating a well-balanced dinner before heading out for all of the Halloween fun. This way, your family can fill up on foods that are good for you before going door to door for candy.

Also, encourage your kids not to over indulge. Limit their candy intake and get creative with other types of snacks they can munch on during Halloween.

“Certainly, the internet is full of creative food ideas,” says Hudson, “but my personal favorite Halloween creation is called a witches mouth. You carve an apple and use almonds as the witch’s teeth.”

So, remember to eat a healthy meal before you head out to trick-or-treat and remind your family to social distance.

Be safe, and be healthy!

Happy Halloween!