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Have a Super Mardi Gras from Children's Hospital

Have a Super Mardi Gras from Children's Hospital

Meet Aidia Remy, a 7-year-old girl whose physical characteristics may not mirror the superhero image we are familiar with, but whose incredible strength and bravery rival the highest of powers.

Aidia was born premature with a number of medical issues that she has struggled with all of her life. Significant motor delays and chronic respiratory conditions impeded her from meeting the milestones of a normal baby. Severe eye disorders required surgeries at a young age. And chronic, recurrent illnesses frequently necessitate medical attention. She has made countless visits to Children’s Hospital to see a number of specialists and therapists. As a result of the consistent care, treatment and love from her Children’s Hospital sidekicks over the past seven years, Aidia lives an almost perfectly normal life.

Aidia enjoys dancing, art, reading and marching along with the bands during Mardi Gras. This little superhero has fought, and won, many battles in her short life. Thanks to Children’s Hospital, her next big challenge is not fighting for survival but simply catching beads on the parade route, a goal she will tackle, as superheroes do, with determination and perseverance!

Aidia and the rest of our Children's Hospital Superheroes wish you a SUPER Mardi Gras!