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Safety Seat Information flyer“IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN TO ME,” is what many parents believe when faced with the thought that their child could be involved in a motor vehicle crash. But the statistics tell a different story. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death or injury to children and teens. While car seat safety is the best protection against injury or death, the rate of car seat misuse is alarming. In Louisiana, an estimated 96 percent of child safety seats are used incorrectly. 

“Injury prevention is so important,” said René Guilbeau, director of the Child Life and Creative Therapies Department at Children’s Hospital. “We know that car seat safety is a problem. We have the resources to help you, and it’s free!” 

Every third Tuesday of the month, in conjunction with the Louisiana Passenger’s Safety Task Force, Children’s Hospital is now offering child safety seat checks. Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians are providing free checks at The Parenting Center from 9 to 11 a.m. These assessments are also available for children with special needs. 

“We provide an assessment for the whole family,” said Guilbeau. “We not only want families to be safe, but we also want the car seat arrangement to be functional.” 

Among many other safety checks, the technicians determine if the child has the correct seat for his or her age, weight, height and behavioral needs; if the seat is installed correctly in the vehicle; and if the child is installed correctly in the seat. 

“Following the guidelines gives you the best chance of decreasing injuries or fatalities,” said Children’s Hospital Trauma Program Manager, Ernest Smith, a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician. “We’re taking this seriously so you can too.” 

For more information about child passenger safety, visit Facebook/Buckle Up Louisiana or call the Children’s Hospital Child Life and Creative Therapies Department at (504) 896-9350. To schedule a child safety seat check, call The Parenting Center at (504) 896-9591. Safety checks are also available at West Jefferson Medical Center and University Medical Center.


Every 12 hours there is a fatal motor vehicle crash.

Every 7.5 hours there is a crash resulting in serious injury.
Every 3 minutes there is a general crash
Most motor vehicle crashes occur within 2.5 miles of the home