The Guild

Before Children's Hospital opened its doors in 1955, the Children's Hospital Guild was officially formed. The Guild is credited with paving the way to make Children's Hospital a reality. Founding Guild members raised the funds and helped to secure the necessary community support and the land for Children's Hospital.

Group of smiling women

Today, The Guild is among the hospital's most treasured friends and supporters, with a membership of more than 300 men and women. Members participate in a variety of volunteer activities that all contribute to helping the hospital continue to provide exemplary healthcare to its young patients. The Guild operates the Children’s Hospital Gift Shop entirely with Guild volunteers, which serves the hospital, visiting families and community members.

How to join

To become a member of The Guild, please download the membership form and mail with payment to Children's Hospital, Attn: Development Department, 200 Henry Clay Ave., New Orleans, LA 70118. If you have any questions, please contact the Development Office at 504.896.9375. Click here for the Guild Membership Form.

The Guild hosts fundraising events throughout the year to benefit Children's Hospital and its patients, including:

  • Mardi Gras Mambo Bingo
  • Spot’s Birthday
  • Guild Circus Day

Guild members are encouraged to volunteer at our many events benefiting Children’s Hospital. Please contact Candace Weber via email of by phone at 504-896-9375 to discuss volunteer opportunities.

Guild memorials/honors

If you would like to give a donation to Children’s Hospital in someone’s memorial or honor, please consider giving to the Children’s Hospital Guild Honors and Memorials. These funds will directly support the current Guild Pledge. CLICK HERE to access the form.

Collage of photos of members of The Guild