Why move to New Orleans

Why Move to New Orleans?

The locals

New Orleans residents bring Southern Hospitality to a whole new level. Start a conversation with a local anywhere in New Orleans and you will meet your new best friend. In five minutes, you’ll likely learn what high school they went to, where the best po-boy shop is, receive an invite to their home for the next Saints game and learn the family’s secret recipe for making the best oyster stuffing. They also make the best tour guides. Immerse yourself in the culture of the Crescent City.

The food

New Orleans is world famous for its food. Po-boys, gumbo, jambalaya, etouffee, red beans and rice, muffulettas and beignets just scratch the surface of iconic New Orleans food. Traditional French, Creole, Cajun, Soul, Irish, German, Italian, Caribbean dishes can all be found in this city. We have almost 1,400 restaurants in this city, with some of them being more than 175 year old. Simply put, we know how to cook and eat!

The music

New Orleans is known as the birthplace of Jazz, but that only scratches the surface. Every night of the week, the Crescent City comes to life with live music at local dive bars and neighborhood venues in almost every musical genre you can imagine - R&B, funk, rock, hip-hop, blues and country. Major bands and performers also put in regular tour stops at the New Orleans House of Blues, Smoothie King Center, Champions Square, UNO Lakefront Arena, Voodoo Music Experience and the New Orleans Jazz Fest. If you are a music lover, New Orleans is the place to experience it all.