A letter to my doctor

A letter to my doctor


My name is Drew, I am 14 years old and an 8th grader at Holy Cross High School. 

This year I made the varsity swim team for school. Two weeks before we were going to the state swimming championship meet, I broke my pelvis playing kickball during lunch. 

At first, the doctors told me that I would not be able to swim for two months. At my appointment with Dr. Skalak, I asked him if i could start swimming again so I could go help my teammates bring home a victory. Dr. Skalak told me that I could swim if I could tolerate the pain. 

With the support of my family, teammates and coaches, I got back in the pool that same day. I was scared and nervous, but they helped me get through it. Even though I had to use my crutches at the swim meet and my teammates had to help me get out of the pool, it was all worth it. We WON the state championship, I personally swam my best times and I placed 7th overall in both of my events. 

When I was little, Mrs. Becky Fos, a local New Orleans artist, gave me a hummingbird print and wrote on it, "Never Give Up!" Ever since then, I have been inspired by those words. If you are a kid like me and in this doctor's office, I know you are probably hurt and sad like I was. I want to encourage you to find your inspiration, never give up, and follow your dreams!

 - Drew

Drew feels lucky to be Dr. Skalak's patient. After his fist appointment with Dr. Skalak, he felt his doctor had a true understanding of how important participating in the State Swim Meet was, and built a individualized tailored care plan so that Drew could get back in the game. "Even though we only take one day to honor doctors, I know Dr. Skalak works hard every day for his patients," shared Drew.

You can write to your doctor too! Head to www.lcmchealth.org.doctorsday to show your physicians what they meant to you!