Let the summer fun begin

Monet Somerville
Let the summer fun begin

The end of school has come, and summer vacation has started. This means hot summer weather and kids wanting entertainment. It can also mean creative activities and quality family time. Here are some creative and fun family activities that you can try this summer.

The warm weather always makes us think of water. Doing some water play activities can help your kids use their energy and stay cool. There are many water activities, such as going to the pool or playing in the sprinklers. You can also get creative by making frozen dinosaur eggs. All you have to do is put small dinosaur figures in some balloons and leave some empty. Fill them with water and freeze. Once they are frozen, cut the balloon off and let your kids figure out if there is a dinosaur in the egg. Another water activity is making a bubble pool. Fill a baby pool with water, add some soap, and let your kids kick and splash their way to a bubble pool.

Art projects are always great ways to engage children on long summer days. Taking them outside with a paintbrush and some water and letting them paint the deck or concrete will be a great time. You can also take toy animals outside, trace the shadows on a sheet of paper, then your little one can paint their animal however they want. What about painting pictures of things typically seen during the summer like dragonflies, trees full of leaves, or ice cream cones? These simple art projects can turn into something amazing. Throughout the summer, put their art into a memory book to remember the great time you all had.

Even though the Louisiana summers are hot, picnics can be done inside or under the shade. Finding a shady spot at the park or in your home, eating cold sweet summer fruit like watermelon, and watching your children play can make for a happy memory for you and your children. This activity will allow your children to learn and practice social skills while spending time together as a family.

The summer can be a fun time of year because you can be creative and spend time together as a family. We hope these ideas will help you and your kids make great summer memories. Happy summer, all!

Monet Somerville, MS
Parent Educator

Monet received her Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology from North Carolina Wesleyan College. She then went on to receive her Master’s in Science in Psychology with a Concentration in Child and Adolescent Development from Capella University. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Developmental Psychology with a Concentration in Child and Adolescent Development. Monet is also a licensed Trust Based Relational Intervention Practitioner.

Prior to working to The Parenting Center, Monet worked as a Case Manager in a residential facility for adolescent girls who were in foster care but were unable to be placed in a foster home. She also taught foster parents about child development and the impacts that positive parenting can make on a child.