#ChildrensMentalHealthWeek: Social Services

#ChildrensMentalHealthWeek: Social Services

Children's Mental Health Week

Day 7

Social Services

When it comes to the welfare of our children, our social services team takes action to make sure that every child gets the proper care they need! Senior Clinical Therapist, Annsley Stoma, LCSW explains the services offered at Children’s Hospital’s Behavioral Health Center, where we offer both inpatient and outpatient services.

The acute inpatient psychiatric unit provides a secure, structured, compassionate therapeutic environment for children who need immediate crisis stabilization for emotional, behavioral, or psychological issues. Children at the inpatient unit are provided with a variety of therapeutic interventions including talk therapy, music therapy, art therapy, and movement therapy and family sessions. The program is built around 5 core skills including communication, insight, self-regulation, resilience, and integration. The social workers and counselors utilize a holistic and eclectic therapeutic approach that is flexible and multifaceted allowing the therapist to use the most effective and evidence-based methods available to address the child’s individual needs. Additionally, our social service team works tirelessly to ensure that each child is connected to outpatient services at discharge.

Annsley Stoma, LCSW

Senior Clinical Therapist