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Light up the Season for kids like Zach

Light up the Season for kids like Zach

If you’re wondering how an 8-year-old boy can be elevated to royalty, you haven’t met King Zachary of the Rehabilitation Unit at Children’s Hospital. Vivacious Zachary Cresson meets the world with open arms and holds his subjects close to his heart. After spending 83 days at Children’s Hospital under the expert care of his doctor, nurses, and therapists, he now rules his world with light and laughter.

In November 2019, Zachary was diagnosed with a brain tumor, a revelation that devastated the Cresson family. The only person not crushed by the news was Zachary, who maintained a resolve that few of us possess. Upon leaving his parents, Mike and Lisa, as they rolled him into the operating room, he said, “See you later. I got this.” A waiting room filled with his family and friends stood by anxiously as Zachary endured an 11-hour surgery to remove the tumor. He spent the rest of his hospital stay recovering from the damage the tumor caused to his brain—paralysis of the right side of his body—and making many friends.

The tumor was found to be benign, but Zachary had a long road to recovery ahead. Hours spent with rehabilitation therapists were interspersed with activities that brought him joy. And in his free time, Zachary dances. He teaches the patients and staff how to Floss, Shuffle and perform other Fortnite dances as he presides over Children’s Hospital’s Rehabilitation gym. He demonstrates how easy it is to make friends. And when words of encouragement are needed to instill confidence, he’ll share his favorite phrase, “We got this!”

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