Back to school guidelines for Louisiana students

With schools across the nation and here in Louisiana adapting to new practices, procedures, and approaches to learning to keep students and teachers safe upon reopening, Children’s Hospital New Orleans is available to serve as a resource through our Return to School Support program. We understand that your day to day lives will look a little different as kids start back to school this fall, so we are proud to partner with the Louisiana Department of Education (DOE) to offer return to school support.

Through our partnership with the DOE, Children’s Hospital’s team of COVID-19 Guidance Experts will be supporting 3,000 childcare centers and public schools across the state in their reopening process. We have information on virtual care both in the schools and for parents at home that help bring skilled services of our experienced pediatricians directly to your child. Parents can also find resources on how to talk to kids about this unprecedented time to help minimize any anxiety or fear they may be experiencing.

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