Telehealth is on the rise

Telehealth is a becoming more prevalent during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Children's Hospital is happy to step up and continue to meet the healthcare needs in our community during this crisis. 

“Before this health crisis I was doing a little bit of telehealth as part of my practice here at Children’s Hospital; now I’m doing exclusively telehealth,” says pediatric psychologist, Dr. Erin Reuther.

“We’re all really wanting to make sure that we’re maintaining that continuity of care,” she adds.

The Parenting Center is also filling a new role with virtual meetings and activities on their Facebook page. The leaders are providing online tutorials and still answering phone calls with parents who may need their services.  

“All of the time, but especially now, we’re on the other end of the phone,” says Jenni Evans, Program Manager and Parent Educator at The Parenting Center at Children’s Hospital.

“We’re still here for the regular stuff: biting toddlers, lying six-year-olds, and teenagers who say they hate everybody,” says Evans.

The number for The Parenting Center is: 504-896-9591. 

Story by WGNO.