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What having an attitude of gratitude can do for your health

What having an attitude of gratitude can do for your health

Chocolate, Exercise, Laughing. All of these are things that can boost your natural endorphin level. But how about gratitude?

There are several studies that show by consciously choosing and cultivating gratitude, one can improve both mental and physical health. Expressing thanks can help with self-esteem, depressed feelings, and overall make one feel like a better person. Directing attention to thankful events in the workplace can reduce stress and depressive symptoms. The regular expression of gratitude can promote higher life satisfaction and self-esteem.

A “Gratitude Intervention” is something as simple as thinking or writing down a few things for which one feels grateful daily. It can be considered a form of mindfulness that make an individual focus on things, people, or life events for which they are grateful. It also helps to reframe neutral or negative events into more positive experiences. There are also a number of emerging research studies that have shown these interventions can have positive effects on physical health by boosting immunity, lowering blood pressure, and increasing the hormone in one’s body that promotes bonding between human beings.

So, consider this your gratitude intervention! Find five things right now for which you are thankful. You will feel better because of it.