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Molli Myers defies the odds

Molli Myers defies the odds

What started as a typical stomach virus became a five-month stay at Children’s Hospital for one strong and brave girl who is beating all the odds. At age 15, Molli Myers is making an incredible comeback from encaphalomyelitis, a disorder that damages the spinal cord and brain stem. Frequent spasms throughout Molli’s body led physicians to place her in a medically induced coma with ventilator support. Days later, Molli underwent a tracheostomy to give her lungs a chance to heal. But the real damage, doctors said, was already done. The disorder had ravaged her body; it was likely Molli would never walk again.

Molli woke from her coma weeks later. While news of her condition might discourage some, Molli was undeterred as she embarked on a remarkable road to recovery. Yet it is her complete transformation—both mind and body—that is the more inspiring. Once quiet and shy, Molli has found her voice. She is now a beacon of hope for other Children’s Hospital patients and their families dealing with serious illnesses. Finding those who are sad and afraid, Molli offers encouragement and friendship, turning her experience into an opportunity to help others.

Now, through Children’s Hospital’s unprecedented campus transformation, a new state-of-the-art Neurosciences Clinic has opened to help kids like Molli. The space houses all of Children’s Hospital’s neuroscience specialists, including neurologists, epileptologists, and neurosurgeons. This allows providers to work collaboratively and ultimately elevate the quality of care for our patients. On the night that the hospital celebrated the grand opening of this new dedicated clinic, one special patient was on hand to cut the ceremonial ribbon – Molli.

Molli hopes to walk again someday soon and leave her wheelchair behind. In her wake will be many children who, inspired by her kindness and courage, will embark on their own amazing journey toward recovery.