Little League World Series Champs buddy up with the Miracle League

The celebrated Little League World Series Champions, the East Bank All Stars, from River Ridge played a very special game of baseball on Thursday, November 14. The team paired up with players from the Miracle League of Greater New Orleans, an inclusive sports league for differently-abled children and adults. The East Bank Little Leaguers batted, ran the bases, and manned the outfield with the Miracle League players. 

The vision of the Miracle League is to provide any disabled child, regardless of their level of disability, the opportunity to play league sports and enjoy the emotional and physical benefits of being part of a team sport. The majority of children who participate in the Miracle League have moderate to severe disabilities that require the assistance of a buddy volunteer to help the child bat, assist him to a base, help her in the field by picking-up a baseball that lands near a child who would experience difficulties in bending over to retrieve a ball, and protect the player in the field by standing in front of the child if a hard hit or kicked ball comes toward him or her.