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5 ways to balance those Carnival calories

5 ways to balance those Carnival calories

Carnival is a season filled with tasty treats that are knowingly bad for our health.  

What can we do as parents to ensure we’re maintaining balance for both ourselves and our children? 

Our expert dietitians have put together this handy Carnival Calorie Counter to show how much physical activity we need to counteract all the delicious goodies we consume during Carnival Season.  

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A Menu of Activity Choices:

Here’s a list of activities and their food equivalent to get the ball rolling toward achieving Carnival calorie balance: 

1 Polish Hot Dog = 2.5 Hours of Parade Route Marching 

1 Piece of Fried Chicken = 70 Minutes of Second Lining 

1 Piece of King Cake = 50 Minutes of Cajun Two-Stepping 

1 Daiquiri = 4 Hours of Parade Dancing 

1 Light Beer = 20 Minutes of Jumping for Throws 

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Physical activity is a vital part of staying healthy. Encouraging healthy habits in your child is one of the best things a parent can do to try to guarantee a healthier life.

Talk with your child’s pediatrician. If your child has constant health concerns or injuries, his or her health care provider can help you figure out which activities will work best. 

Be positive and encouraging. Physical activity is easier for some kids, and harder for others. Overweight children may feel self-conscious. Let your child go at his or her own pace and offer support and encouragement. Promote a positive attitude. Positive experiences with activity will make it easier to keep your child involved and interested. 

Here are some other fun ideas for family activity: 

  • Dance in the living room to your favorite songs 

  • Do house and yard work together 

  • Help clean a local park 

  • Play an active video game that involves fun body movement 

  • Play games like tag, catch, or Frisbee 

  • Play sports like soccer, basketball, tennis 

  • Ride your bikes together 

  • Take regular family walks on weekend mornings, after dinner, and any other time you can. 

  • Take stairs instead of elevators or escalators, and keep a stair count 

  • Take the dog for a walk or jog 

  • Train together for a charity walk or run 

Beyond Carnival Season: Setting priorities for a lifetime 

A child with healthy habits is more likely to grow into an adult with healthy habits. When physical activities are a family priority, they can help give children a great foundation for a healthy life. 

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