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All in the Family: The Remedios Doctors of Children's Hospital New Orleans

YOU CAN SEE IT IN THE TWINKLE OF THEIR EYES. You can feel it in their gentle touch. You can hear it in the playfulness of their voice. It’s a love of children that has been passed down — from one father to his own children. Dr. Isabel, Paul and Otto Remedios

Otto Remedios, MD, has been a practicing pediatrician for 37 years, and while building a patient base that now spans two generations, he has also raised two children who are following in his footsteps. Paul Remedios, MD, and Isabel Remedios, MD, have chosen a path similar to their father’s. The three Doctors Remedios are pediatricians with Children’s Hospital New Orleans Pediatrics

“Dr. Remedios Sr. has taken great care of my kids,” said Matt Groninger, vice president of Ambulatory Services at Children’s Hospital. “It’s neat to have him and his family not only play a personal role in my family but also be an integral part of the Children’s Pediatrics family. Taking great care of kids is a family business for them, and I’m so glad we can support them.”

Drs. Isabel, Otto and Paul Remedios with patientsFounded in 1998, Children’s Pediatrics is a growing group of pediatricians across the greater New Orleans area. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Children’s Hospital, the group is managed by the hospital and practices under its policies and procedures. More than 40 thousand children visited one of 35 Children’s Pediatrics pediatricians in 2016. These children and their families benefit from the close ties the doctors have to Children’s Hospital’s network of subspecialists.

“There’s a child in me that hasn’t grown up,” said Dr. Otto Remedios who practices at the group’s Kids First Westbank clinic. “I like to switch roles when communicating with children and their parents. It can be quite challenging to diagnose illness in children. But it’s also a great opportunity to effect change in a growing population.” The mission of Children’s Hospital is to not only take care of kids when they are sick but also find ways to improve their general health and well-being. “We are fortunate to have a first-class hospital with a robust network of pediatric specialists dedicated to taking care of kids in our community, but our goal is to keep kids healthy and out of the hospital. This happens at the primary care level,” said Groninger. “We will continue to strengthen this element of our business. Through Children’s Pediatrics and our network of referring pediatricians and specialists, we are well-positioned to keep kids in our communities healthy.” 

As Paul Remedios, MD, grew older and became more focused on a career, the topics at the dinner table shifted from what he was learning in school to career options to specifics about pediatric medicine. He didn’t start out, he admits, wanting to be a pediatrician like his dad. But as he learned more about the specialty in medical school, he was drawn in. “Kids are always excited and raring to go,” said Dr. Paul Remedios who treats patients at the two Napoleon Pediatrics locations. “They are so resilient and rarely know how sick they are. They make my job rewarding.” After training with Children’s Hospital specialists, Dr. Paul Remedios joined Children’s Pediatrics. “I trained with great physicians at Children’s Hospital. There is a comfort level knowing the quality I get through my connections there.” 

There are 13 Children’s Pediatrics offices throughout the Greater New Orleans area. And Children’s Hospital continues to extend its reach into communities with limited access to convenient, quality primary care for children. 

“We’re in this together. It’s a partnership,” said Groninger. “We know there are areas where kids are underserved. We’re looking to fill the gaps on where patients aren’t being cared for.” 

Isabel Remedios, MD, knew early on that a career in medicine was in her future. “Dad always loved being a pediatrician. He was very fulfilled. I wanted to do something that fulfilled me as much.” 

After medical school and residency, Dr. Isabel Remedios recently joined her father and brother at Children’s Pediatrics. She’s now practicing at their Ormond location in Destrehan, La.

“I like developing a relationship with the families and watching kids grow over time,” said Dr. Isabel Remedios. “It’s a great opportunity to teach and connect with people. Now that Paul, Dad and I are in the same group, we talk often and bounce ideas off of each other.” 

The Remedios family talks every day. Otto, Fae — jokingly referred to as the “MD,” Mother of Doctors — Paul and Isabel, although no longer under the same roof, frequently find ways to maintain their close ties. They share stories over family meals, like Fae’s Tandoori Chicken, crawfish boils, or Otto’s grilled Green Egg specialties. They gather for football games and take family vacations together. 

“Family is very important to me,” said Dr. Otto Remedios. “Keeping our family close together is rather effortless.” 

Like the Remedios family of physicians, Children’s Hospital continuously works to strengthen its connection to the community. Through programs like Children’s Pediatrics, clinics across our state, and outreach efforts that deliver care beyond the hospital, Children’s Hospital is building a healthier future for families. 

“Our mission is to take care of all children as if they are our own. That means regardless of the family’s ability to pay or where they live. In order to do that, we need to continue to find ways to make access to our first-class providers more convenient,” said Groninger. “I don’t know too many relationships outside of a child’s family that are as important as the relationship with their pediatrician. We are fortunate to be able to partner with pediatricians, like the Remedios family, who value those relationships, striving to make a positive impact on the health and well-being of our kids…our future.”

Learn more about each of the Remedios Doctors:

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Paul Remedios, MD (Son) | Napoleon Pediatrics Uptown & Metairie. To schedule an appointment Uptown, call 504.897.4242, and to schedule an appointment in Metairie, call 504.219.0880

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