SkinTE used for regeneration of full-thickness skin

SkinTE has now been used at multiple medical facilities across the country to treat the entire spectrum of wounds, including: chronic wounds, surgical wounds, reconstructive wounds, acute burns, and the replacement of scarred and contracted skin grafts with SkinTE. The initial scale-up of manufacturing operations is nearly complete, facilitating capacity to respond to ongoing demand. The Company also expects to release additional preclinical data from its OsteoTE™ bone regeneration development program in the first quarter of 2018.

“I have used SkinTE to partially resurface extensive burn scars and skin graft contractures in an adolescent patient. Although early in the post-operative period, the product has quickly regenerated skin with minimal marginal wound contracture and areas of regenerated skin are re-pigmenting rapidly,” said Gerhard S. Mundinger, MD, Director of Plastic Surgery at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans, Assistant Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery, and Assistant Professor of Cell Biology and Anatomy at LSU Health New Orleans. “The parents, who have already been through so much in caring for their child after a terrible accident, are pleased with the results at this point. In our ongoing discussion about optimizing their child’s functional recovery, we plan to use the product again in the near future to resurface more remaining scarred skin and contracted skin grafts. I am continuing to follow the patient’s recovery closely, and do not have any concerns with the product at this time, although, again, it remains early in the recovery period.” Dr. Mundinger continues, “I look forward to the advent of Polarity’s bone regeneration product [OsteoTE] given my main clinical practice and research focus as a craniofacial surgeon.”

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