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6 Things to Know: Back-to-School Vaccines

Dr. Buckingham & Dr. Remedios
6 Things to Know: Back-to-School Vaccines

Watching your child get a shot isn’t easy. 😩  It’s even harder if you have fears or concerns about the safety or necessity of the vaccine.

Millions of parents immunize their kids each year without concern. Yet some parents have heard rumors that vaccines can cause serious health problems.

So, how can parents get the facts about vaccine safety? Your child’s healthcare provider is your first source of reliable information.

Pediatricians, Dr. Joanna Buckingham and Dr. Isabel Remedios, sit down to discuss the importance of vaccinations, just in time for back-to-school.

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About Dr. Buckingham

Dr. BuckinghamDr. Joanna Buckingham is a pediatrician at Children’s Pediatrics, Laplace and River Ridge locations. She earned her medical degree from Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans and completed residency at LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans. Dr. Buckingham enjoys getting to see patients and families on multiple occasions and build lasting relationships with them.

About Dr. Isabel Remedios Dr. Isabel remedios

Dr. Isabel Remedios specializes in general pediatrics at Children’s Pediatrics, a subsidiary of Children’s Hospital New Orleans. After earning her medical degree from Louisiana State University (LSUHSC) School of Medicine in New Orleans, Dr. Remedios completed a pediatric residency at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans. Dr. Remedios chose to practice pediatrics not only because she enjoys working with this patient population, but also for the unique patient-physician relationships. One of the most gratifying aspects of her medical career is to have parents entrust their children’s care to her and to develop relationships with her patients and their families.