5-year-old boy with leukemia gets show of support at fundraiser

Not even inclement weather could keep people away from a blood drive and fundraiser Sunday at Gasa Gasa for 5-year-old New Orleanian Amos Trumble, diagnosed with leukemia less than three months ago.

With food, drinks and finger-painting for the kids in attendance, and bands that donated their time — including father Nick Trumble's band Trash Night — the only one conspicuously absent was the boy whom the event was all about.

That's because Amos is undergoing chemotherapy, which weakens his immune system and makes him vulnerable to all sorts of communicable diseases, meaning he needs to avoid large crowds. 

“Amos has what’s known as pre-B acute lymphocytic leukemia, which has a 90 percent survival rate when caught early and treated,” said Dr. Dana LeBlanc, a pediatric hematologist and oncologist with the LSU Health Sciences Center at Children’s Hospital.

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