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Children's Hospital, New Orleans

The Parenting Center at Children's Hospital
Advisory Board

The Parenting Center Advisory Board is comprised of concerned parents, community leaders, pediatricians, a member of the Junior League of New Orleansand members of the Children's Hospital Board of Trustees. They provide invaluable guidance and direction to The Parenting Center staff, help assess the parenting needs of the community and ensure that The Parenting Center continues to fulfill its goals.

Advisory Board Members

Chair:  Annette Figueroa,MD

Advisory Board Members:
Tiffany Accousti
Adelaide Wisdom Benjamin
Laura Charbonnet
Grant Butterbaugh, PhD
Nadia Haik
Stephen Hales, MD
Brian Landry
Ticia Pejic
Keith Perrin, MD
Stephanie Condon Perry
Mimi Ryan
Scott Saltzman
Betty Sullivan
Jenny Sundell
Angelle Thionville
Ann Henderson Tilton, MD
Anamaria Villamarin-Lupin