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Children's Hospital, New Orleans

Child Life
Our Child Life Department is here to help patients understand their illness, decrease anxiety and cope with being in the hospital. Our specialists seek to make the hospital a "not-so-scary” place for children. With patients and families as the center of the team, we work to treat the whole child. The Child Life Department uses play, recreation and music to provide opportunities for our patients that encourage mastery, coping, normalization, socialization, and expression of feelings. We offer daily activities in our playrooms and teen room as well as evening activities and Saturday events. These, along with our individual sessions help to bridge the gap between home and the hospital. For more information on the following gift opportunities, contact the Children's Hospital Development Department at (504) 896-9375. 

Want to Give to Our Playrooms and Teen Room?


Monday through Saturday, our playroom offers a welcoming environment where hospitalized children of all ages, as well as their family members, can gather to play with toys, participate in board games, video games or arts and crafts. It allows patients the opportunity to get out of their room and be a kid. The playroom is a "safe zone” where patients are encouraged to make their own choice.

Teen Room

The Teen Room is a place for hospitalized teenagers to "hang out” and be with their teenage siblings and friends, ages 13-21. This room is specifically designed to meet the emotional and social needs of this age group. Our teen room is outfitted with music, movies, video game systems, computers, and arts and crafts.

Want to Give to Zoomobile and Bugmobile?

The Zoomobile and Bugmobile from the Audubon Institute visit the hospital to bring wonders of the natural world to children through interactive presentation and up close animal and bug encounters. The children learn about exotic animals and arthropods from around the world. A donation would help fund visits from the Zoomobile and Bugmobile and give children and their families the opportunity to enjoy a fun learning experience outside their hospital rooms. Each visit costs $125.

Want to Give to Funny Bones Improvement Group?

Funny Bones Improvement group visits the hospital to share the gifts and benefits of laughter with hospitalized children, their families, and caregivers. The group presents a series of fun and interactive improvisation sketches that engages the patients and their families. A donation would help fund visits from this group dedicated to making the children’s hospital stay more pleasant through laughter. Each visit costs $125.

Want to Fund a Seasonal Holiday Party?

Children’s Hospital provides the opportunity for patients to enjoy each holiday even when in the hospital. If you or your organization would like to donate $100-$200 towards a holiday party, supplies, decorations, games, and prizes could be purchased to help bring the holidays to our patients and their families.